Martial Art Demo Team

Today's society is easily influenced by what they see and hear.  We feel we can use our skills in the martial arts to send a positive message and motivate viewing audiences with proper morals and disciplines.  We all know how the martial arts has become a popular source of entertainment today, capturing the attention and interest of men, women, and especially children.  Through dynamic feats of speed, balance, and power; not to mention the effective application of heart grabbing sound, drama, and special effects, Kicks for Christ is able to capture an audience that would normally reject the message of Christ.  We realize we may be the only church some ever see.  Therefore, we choose to serve in the Great Commission with a "Love" and "Boldness" to share the Gospel in a most unique way.  Kicks for Christ ministries is a very powerful tool in planting a small seed and reaching so many unsaved souls.

Martial Arts
Demonstration Team